Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week From Hell...

This week has been the shits.

My coworker, Ruby* (because she reminds me of the horribly irritating character on the kids cartoon "Max and Ruby"), has been out sick all week.

Instead of finding someone to cover her shifts, management decided to do a typical half ass job and just let one of the other girls cover the first half. Now Ruby opens, and her replacement (a sweet but waaaaay too laid back lady we'll call Ditzy) has been opening as well. But Ditzy has another job she has to be at, which means she has been leaving @ 11 AM.

Today Ditzy had an out of town appointment, and had to leave at 8 AM. I was not supposed to be there until 8:45. The Kitchen Manager came out to my car while I was having my before work smoke and says, "GM needs you inside. Ditzy has to leave and there is no waitress."

"Too fucking bad. I am smoking." I replied.

I sat in my car and finished my cigarette. When I was good and ready, I went inside and clocked in (20 minutes early). Apparently another server I will call Slutty (self-explanatory) said she would be there at 8.

9 AM, still no Slutty. Ditzy high-tailed it, so I was alone, and gettin slammed. At one point I had about fifteen or sixteen tables. Luckily I had a hostesses, but do you think GM thought it maybe appropriate to come out of the office and HELP? No way, dude. Fuck that shit, he was probably taking a nap in the office because Tuesday night is Karaoke at the bar and he had a massive hangover this morning. He only came out when I told the cooks, "If you want that hot food run, you better go get GM."

Nearly 9:30, Slutty shows up, and waltzes in like she was right on time. WTF? She told me later she forgot to set her alarm. Fuck that. You say you will be there, your ass should be there. But then again, we have management who won't cover a full shift, for a whole week straight.

Sidework has been a nightmare, too, since we have been short-handed. Thank God tomorrow is my fucking Friday.

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