Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Want to Kick My GM Where His Balls Should Be...

If he had them, that is.

Every Wednesday we have a group that meets at my restaurant at noon. They always sit in the back room. They do little speeches. A couple of them are cranky old battle axes, and are quite anal about the way the table are set up. They move all the silverware, jelly caddies, condiment holders, table tents, etc. (a crapload of shit), to one table. They need TWO pitchers of water. Then they shove all the tables into a big clusterfuck menagerie. When they first started coming in, a lot of them would order lunch, or at least drinks. Gradually they ordered less and less, until it was one person having a coffee.

For the past two weeks none of them have ordered ANYTHING!

Just water. That's it. Ten glasses and two pitchers.

And guess who gets to spend a half hour cleaning up after these fucks? Yours truly.

And the cake topper?

Not a dime gratuity.

Fuck that noise. I heard a rumor we were going to charge for our rooms if people don't buy food. Good. This is a business we are trying to run. If they went to the conference center down the road their asses would pay. If you don't want to pay to meet, go to the library, or one of your members' homes. Don't come in and waste my time. Especially at the end of my shift. Staying an extra half an hour to clean up after these weiners for minimum wage? I could be on my way home and then...weeding my garden, doing my laundry, cleaning my toilet or picking my ass. You are wasting my time, and time is money, motherbitches.

The way I see it is, they fuck up the room, not order anything, not tip? They at least put that shit back the way they found it. Period. My GM, unfortunately, is either too indifferent or too much of a pussy to tell one of them. Other servers have offered to leave notes in the room telling these people to pick up after themselves. He vetoed that idea. He is such a spineless turd.

I am halfway tempted to Google this organization and send an email to someone about this ridiculousness. Should I? Or should I take a page outta the Eunich's Guide to Restaurant Management, and just bring them ONE pitcher of water and six glasses next week? Then just five glasses of water and NO pitcher the week after that until they get the effing hint already?

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