Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Good Tables Go Bad

Yesterday I waited on a group of four ladies. Appeared maybe Grandma, Mom, two teenage daughters. Three of them ordered drinks, three of them got meals, and one girl ordered two chocolate chip pancakes. Mom said, "We will also need an order of biscuits and gravy to go."

Although we have both pancakes and chocolate chips, the two are not a menu combination. We have to give the cooks the chocolate chips, and request they drop them in after they put the cakes on the grill. No problem. When I ran the food, the cakes looked a little naked,as the chips were only on the bottom. Brought extra chips on the side for the girl to put on top.

Checked back. Everything was fine. Told Mom, "Got that to go order in for you, it will be right out." (At this time I had a sixteen top in the back room I was in the midst of waiting on, but wanted to make sure Mom knew I didn't forget her request.) The biscuits come up, I drop them off, notice they appear to need boxes for the remainder of their meals. As I was caring for the party of 16, I had another server drop the boxes by, including little cups for the au jus for their French dips.

Busy, busy with the 16. Assistant manager who actually likes to help us bus tables instead of standing there watching us like our GM, clears the table. I didn't have a chance to go back until quite later. What I found on the table was astonishing.


Really. No shit. Two. Mother. Fucking. Dollars.

Their bill had to have been at least $50. In what universe is $2 a suitable tip for even mediocre service? IMHO, I gave them stellar service, with a fucking smile. They all appeared to be happy with the service and enjoy their meals.

To me this is inexcusable. Don't mindfuck me into thinking you are all happy and nicey nice, then fuck off and leave me a ridiculous tip.

Especially remember this is a small town, and I have a pretty good memory. Next time you get $2 service.

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