Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello, *Sniffle*, How Are You Doing today? *Sniffle* What Can I Bring You to Drink? *Sneeze*

There is nothing worse than having to wait on people when you have a head cold from Hell.

I have never really worked in any other industry, so I don't really know how it goes for other occupations when one becomes ill. I do know that at my job, if you call in sick on a Sunday, you basically fuck everyone else's world. So even though I knew I felt like hammered dog shit yesterday, and this morning, there was no option of calling off. It's a real bitch to get anyone to cover for you, especially after a lot of the employees just got their tax refunds back. Everyone is sitting pretty, financially speaking. Now around Christmas shopping time, bitches will straight poke your eye out so they can steal your shift.

So I grabbed my stash of Advil Cold and Sinus, stuffed it in my purse, sucked it up and headed out the door this morning.God bless pseudoephederine and ibuprofin, especially in that combination.

What can I say, I'm a soldier!

Arrived at work just in time to clock in without being late. Made good and sure everyone knew how close to passing out from sinus pressure and ear pain that I was. Everyone. The other servers, the hostess, the managers. I figured that way everyone would take pity and go easy on me. Maybe, just maybe, I could take off early.

Fuck no.

At least it was slow, but I still had to stay until after Church rush, and do all my sidework. Which is fine, I understand my responsibilities, but every so often miracles happen, right?

It also irks me that I have stayed and finished sidework for the other team leader at least two or three times in the past year. She was there today, but do you think she offered to stay for me, or even help me do some of my sidework so I could get the fuck outta there? Hells no. Just high-tailed it out the door like her panties were on fire.

She doesn't have to worry, I will NEVER do her ANY favors again.

Sorry to rant. I hate waiting on people when I feel like shit, am all doped up on cold meds, and my nose is running down my face. I feel like my guests are staring at me like I have gonnaherpesyphillaids, and can't wait for me to get the fuck away from them.

At least my sweet co-worker, Paula* offered to pick up my shift tomorrow. Thanks, Paula, you are one in a million. Angels really do exist! :)

*All names are changed

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